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Jan 29, 2020

Recycled plastic No.1 is Polyethylne Terephthalate

This type of recycled plastic is known as PET or PETE which is transparent, hard, flexible and penetrative resistance of gas. The polyethylne terephthalate is used to produce water bottle, oil bottle, etc. In addition, this type of recycled plastic can be recycled to be fiber for making sweater, carpet, synthetic fiber used in pillow, etc.

Recycled plastic No.2 is High Density Polyethylene

High Density Polyethylene is standed for HDPE which is tough, hard to break, flexible, chemical resistance and easy to shape up. High Density Polyethylene is used to produce water bottle, milk bottle of kids, packaging of floor cleanser liquid, shampoo bottle and so on. Recycled plastic No.2 is usually recycled to be engine oil bottle, pipe, plastic crate, artificial wood, etc.

Recycled plastic No.3 is Polyvinylchloride

This recycled plastic is standed for PVC which is usually used to make PVC pipe, transparent rubber strap, food preservation film, plastic sheet for producing door, window, artificial leather, etc. It is usually recycled to be water supply pipe, trough, conduit, furniture, cable, etc.

Recycled plastic No.4 is Low Density Polyethylene

Low Density Polyethylene is standed for LDPE which is soft, tough, very flexible, transparent, durable but it is not durable for heat. LDPE is usually used to produce food preservation film, bag for filling bread, cooler bag for filling food. This type is appropriate to be recycled for garbage bag, plastic bag, garbage, furniture, plastic floor tile, etc.

Recycled plastic No.5 is Polypropylene

PP stands for Polypropylene which is transparent, durable for heat and impact force. PP is also penetrative resistance of oil and chemical. It is used to produce food packaging such as box, plate, bowl, tank, water bottle, medicine bottle, etc. Polypropylene can be recycled to be plastic automotive parts such as taillight, bumper, toothbrush, plastic broom, etc.

Recycled plastic No.6 is Polystyrene

Polystyrene is also called PS which is very transparent, easy to break. PS is usually used to make premium water bottle and packaging for filling goods or stuffs. Polystyrene can be recycled to be hangers, ruller, cassette box, switch panel, equipment, tools and etc.

Recycled plastic No.7 is unidentified type

No.7's type is not same as six plastic materials above but this type can re-melt again

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What is a plastic?
Jan 29, 2020

Plastic is a polymer material which is an organic compound as long chains but human cannot see with naked eyes. According to the long chains of organic compound, it consists of sub-compounds called "Monomer" connected end to end to the large chain each other and then, they transform to be the polymer. The polymer can be synthesized by polymerization of "Monomer" with using petrochemical for a main raw material. Additionally, plastic also has several types and can be able to use instead of natural materials such as PVC, PET, PS and so on.

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